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   Solar Essence - Solar Heating

Solar Heating from Solar Essence. The UK market leaders in solar thermal technologies that fully integrate with your central heating system.
Contact Info
address: 45 St Helens Court, Thetford
postcode: IP24 1HG
phone: 01842 845845
Transform your home today by installing a solar essence system with our intelligent heating optimisation. Save on your boiler costs and produce your own energy. UK market leaders, we manufacture & install state of the art dual solar systems that not only produce hot water but that actually integrate with your domestic central heating as well. Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly & cost effective solar solutions, that have the capacity to dramatically reduce your household energy consumption whilst providing significant environmental benefits. Make no mistake a solar essence system is totally unique and is only available from solar essence.
Viessmann UK

Viessmann is one of the foremost manufacturers of heating equipment in Europe, with ten productions plants and a group turnover of more than 1 billion euros. At the cutting edge of technology, Viessmann solar heating systems have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, setting new standards in environmental protection and energy saving.
Contact Info
address: Hortonwood 30, Telford, Shropshire
postcode: TF1 7YP
phone: 01952 675000
fax: 01952 675040

Choosing solar heating can be a little difficult, what with so many companies offering solar panels. Genersys offer you true, market leading performance, backed by an unmatched warranty and long life expectancy on the solar heating panels to ensure you get a maximum return on your investment.
Contact Info
address: 37 Queen Anne Street, London
postcode: W1G 9JB
phone: 0207 637 9708
fax: 0207 637 0901
AES Solar

AES offers solar water heating systems for retrofit applications and new build situations and roof refurbishments. The AES standard systems operate on the pressurised solar circuit principle whilst the AESDB range features drainback operation (no antifreeze required).

We are installers of Solar Systems, both for heating water and for electricity. We also supply DIY solar thermal kits if you'd like to fit it yourself.

Solar energy is becoming of increasing importance in the UK, and the Atmos range of Solar hot water systems are a cost effective use of sustainable energy. They also qualify for a grant of 400 pounds from the government "Clear Skies" initiative.
Cel-f Solar Systems

Cel-f Solar Systems Ltd was founded in 1999 by business partners with over 25 years experience in the Mechanical Services industry and a strong interest in renewable energy (R.E) technologies like solar heating systems.

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