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HouseJester gives you the wonderful opportunity to suggest your company website to be included in our directory and popularize it in a very effective and cheap way. You can be sure that you will be noticed not only by customers but by professionals in the home decorating and furnishing market.

With the aggressive promoting of our website we achieved very high ranks in many search engines and other internet directories. That's why we have several million visitors a year who are very impressed by our user friendly design and our huge database full of useful links and information. Everyone who has seen and Browsed through our site is willing to do it again because we are really trying to make the decorating and furnishing of your house as easy as possible.

We offer three different options of advertising your company:

  • Free Listing

    If you choose our free option, your website will appear in our directory with a text description and link. It won't cost you any money but we would like you to link back to us first. After you place a reciprocal link to our site, you will be able to submit your website for free.

    free listing

    Please copy/paste or add something like the following onto your site :

    Logo 1- Width 100 -
    Logo 2- Width 200 -

  • Silver Listing - £29

    This option will cost you £29 per year but your site will appear before all free websites in the category and will have a text description, link, company logo and full contact information (address, phone, fax, e-mail, url).

    silver listing

    Click here to see an example

  • Gold Listing - £59

    This is the best option you can choose because it gives you the opportunity to promote your company in the best possible way. For £59 per year your website will stand out in our directory with a text description, link, company logo, two images and full contact information (address, phone, fax, e-mail, url). All of this will appear before all free and silver websites in the category. This guarantees you that your company will attract the attention of the visitors to HouseJester.

    gold listing

    IMPORTANT : Note you will be able to add a hyperlink KEYWORD that will link directly to your website. Above example has 'plantation shutters' which links directly to ''
    . Excellent option for organic search listing. ONLY available on Gold Listing.

    Click here to see an example

Further Details

We want you to take your time when choosing from our three different listing types and find out which one suites you most. Whatever your choice is you can be sure that you will only benefit from advertising on HouseJester. When you make your final decision please contact us at or via our enquiry form.

Please note: the HouseJester directory is restricted to UK based companies.

You can submit your site by e-mailing us at the above address stating:

  • The section or sections where you think you should be listed
  • Suggested company description for each section - up to 20 words
  • Your contact details - which must also appear on your website.

Please note that while all standard text-only listings remain free, they are subject to editorial control in order to preserve the integrity, relevance and usefulness of the directory. We have a very strict quality control procedure and submitting your site by no means guarantees your inclusion in the directory.

We would like to stress that your website should contain your full contact details including your 'bricks and mortar' address and telephone number; PO boxes or e-mail addresses are not sufficient. The criteria for the listing of e-commerce websites is particularly stringent and compliance with the UK distance selling legislation concerning e-commerce sites is required - please verify before submitting your site.

Please allow at least 24 hrs for your listing to appear due to the number of requests we receive.

Thank you.

HouseJester Support Team

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